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An excellent enterprise should have its own culture; Excellent cultural atmosphere helps the company develop prosperously.

The safety raised by our company is done from office desk,which is called "5S"in Japan. "Clean up" means differentiating those articles you want and you don't. "Redd" means finding the articles needed at once and keeping"clean?quot;,"clear" and "polite". Our company pays attention to staff's culture life as well as routine work. It has established to protect staff's benefit. Entrainment room and basketball court have been established, which provides convenient condition for staff's spare life.

Do it for respecting it, do it for liking it. Self existence is the value of the enterprise.

The happiness of creation, the delight of labor are melted and realized here. Pieces of new sections and chapters of modern civilization will be played here.

5S office
Garden-like factory Entertainment room Dining room

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