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ES is the short form of "Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side", a kind of eye-catching polyolefin fiber developed by Japan Chisso Company. As a kind of new hot junction complex fiber,ES fiber is thought high in the world.
After heat treatment,ES fiber was joined together, forming a non-woven mould .
Different non-woven fabrics can be got according to different heat treatment method.
Such as: THROUGH-AIR → Loose non-woven fabrics
                 CALENDER → Non-woven fabrics with high strength.

Core sheath type fracture morphology

Adhesive state of Es fiber in through-air
non-woven fabrics

 ES fiber has wide processing applicability. It can be used in almost all non-woven fabrics processing method.

Variety and characteristic of ES fiber
Fracture morphology Material Variety Melting point(°C) Note
PE/PP ES  130 standard
EA  110 Soft, low nettling point
PE/PP ESC  130 High intensity
EAC 110 Molding, low melting point
EKC 105 Bonded with other material
PP/PP EPC 140 High tenacity, bonded with PP
PE/PET ETC 130 Loose

Additional mechanical performance


Cut length 5,10,15mm(wet, air-laid)
Curbing state Hackle, undulation,spirality
Preparation agent performance Hydrophilic,discharging , FDA certification
Additive Fire resistance properties
Color Transparent, extinction, dyed in the mass

Through-air non-woven fabrics

2 layers

Thickness 0.5mm~5mm
Heavy 15~100g/m2
Cut width over 60mm
Cut length 2500m
Main application Can produce women's sanitary belt etc.

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     ES fiber has wide application,used as baby's napkin, sanitary belt, carpet, sign pen, wet towel and bandage etc. as well as industrial and agricultural materials.
    Hope its application will be further developed to provide wider service space for the society.


Wide application of ES series
Packaging material

Packaging material, envelope

Bedclothing Bedspread, bedsheet
Indoor decoration Window paper, winter proofing material, wall paper, carpet
Dishcloth Cloth for industrial use, cloth for kitchen use
Capital and material for agricultural use

Fruits protecting material

House wear Disposable bag, scarf, table cloth, one-time hand towel,gloves used in kitchen
Medical care Operating coat, bandage, respirator, caps
Building capital and material Cast filter material, man-made law
Electron Magnetic disk lining Electromagnetism septum
Costuming Underwear lining
Shoes and bags Liner for bags, shoes etc.
Sanitation material Bra, irretention trousers, sanitary belt
Filter Air-condition filter Liquid filter

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